Doing Work that You Hate

Play by the rules or else…

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If you hate the work you do or remain in an awful job to survive, then I can relate. Soul-numbing work, mindless customers, equally detestable bosses and coworkers while doing work that arouses your gag reflex, over time, brings you to collapse.

Do you have a deeper purpose worth fulfilling?

These cages kill your spirit and waste your time — neither of which you want to lose.

Being who you are in a world of endless personalities and possibilities is a gut busting, heart deflating, and skin melting experience.

However —

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Drop the Bass

How will you find something that doesn’t trap your soul , while giving you the ability to share your talents and gifts? Perhaps you’ve found this already, or maybe you’re mildly content but not wickedly enthused in your current job. Let’s get wicked.

Never mind.

I am a willing and obedient slave here to serve and please my Master. Teach me discipline through punishment.

Cage Slave

For my purposes, a “cage slave” is confinement to something you hate, that saps precious life energy within you. It’s what binds the slave to their Master and produces overwhelming discontent. It’s also a BDSM thing and something worse, both which have little connection to my purpose here.

Describing the Cage Slave metaphor:

· Working a job you hate

· Worrying about others perception of you (which affects your life choices)

· Losing the ability to create

· Loathing the structures you’ve built around yourself

· Feeling utterly trapped with little hope of how to escape

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The illusion is Sticky Sweet

Some days I think I’m free and then reality reminds me I’m a bug. Leaves me depressed. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

My energy, spirit, and skills are devoted to people I don’t care about while serving their benefit day-to-day for money. As an artist, it’s not sustainable.

The Cage Slave weeps and moans, “Please Master, what more do you want?”

But it fuels the Master’s lust, and thenceforth the likelihood of never escaping is forgotten.

Most of us work to make a living, and while not shaming anyone, I’m referring to the means to do something different which involves finding opportunities, networking or improving ourselves to the point where we can find fulfilling work. That which doesn’t require extra-strength tums, frequent trips to the bathroom for cold water splashes and holding in bowel movements that seek immediate release.

Who’s this Master?

A demon with a perpetual hard on whose trying to fuck us. Or ourselves if the first image unsettles you.

Thought then Action

Gophers and bullfrogs don’t create Heaven and Hell, only humans do. The consumption of the forbidden fruit was a choice. We told the Master to step aside for a sec. But don’t forget that the Tree of Knowledge was fertilized with shit.

We soak up a lot of adversity to get where we want to be. It’s not simple. But it’s marketed like, “Grab a Pepsi, and Hippieness is Reached.

No cliché sums up the human experience.

It’s easy to wrap up a lie and sell it to impressionable minds. Hope is a necessary commodity, but to grow we need action. The house must be built brick by brick. Cream pie by cream pie.

The range between dark and light forces are ongoing and vital to fuel your inner furnace

Wherever you find yourself — in the heat of anxiety on an internet accessible device, in front of a federal judge, in a cage, on the Ocean, at a poetry slam, in a bar, at work, on Gchat, at your friend’s funeral, in a semi-familiar place of guilt but kinda want to get high and dance — life is about the moment.

But doing what you hate sucks.

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How best can you work with the negative energy you feel? Most of our problems have concrete explanations if we’re willing to be brave and state them.

Do you already know what you need to leave the Cage?

How about acting on your intuition towards the life you truly want? The Ocean provides; take steps to find the mindset necessary to break new ground. Play with the clay, you’ve been around long enough.


What’s one thing you can do right now to move closer to your best life?

For me, it’s ending this post.

Boom Boom — shake it like you mean it.