It’s Spring. The beautiful blue flowers pop out with the dandelions. Fresh, long grass grows. The birds chirp and sing; dragonflies fuck by the river.

Before long, as the warm sun shines brighter than it has in 5 months, the stubbly bearded pack of fat village idiots…

Cuckoo at the Zoo. Time to Waddle. Little Riddle. Bubble-Bobble. Survival.

In mind, a sphincter hole sees benevolent angels on the dance floor. It awakens and interprets fifteen languages that dictate every next move of anonymous weasels. There is a lurker (penis) there too, glowing red with sonic vibrations escalating…

The 1% Percent Rule and Because Tomorrow You Might Be Dead

Tomorrow, There Might Not Be a You

People are dying. Tons of people as I’m typing. As tens of hundreds croak with every keystroke, I have to ask: What are we doing, the living?

If there’s something you want…

Bring the Nasty Back and Pack it In Harder


Open to page 69. Let’s analyze Ghost Wizard’s work. Ponder the themes and consider your approach.

“Jenny’s fingers feel better in my mouth. With paranoia, I place my cock on the board. “This will only take a second,” she says raising the razor-sharp butcher knife in the air. Like…

Ghost Wizard

Boom Boom — shake it like you mean it.

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