It’s Spring. The beautiful blue flowers pop out with the dandelions. Fresh, long grass grows. The birds chirp and sing; dragonflies fuck by the river.

Before long, as the warm sun shines brighter than it has in 5 months, the stubbly bearded pack of fat village idiots…

Laugh Out Loud Spewing Your Joyfulness, Hopefully Together and Severely Alive!

I’m not a virologist nor a functioning alcoholic, but I do suffer from hopeless optimism. …

Cuckoo at the Zoo. Time to Waddle. Little Riddle. Bubble-Bobble. Survival.

In mind, a sphincter hole sees benevolent angels on the dance floor. It awakens and interprets fifteen languages that dictate every next move of anonymous weasels. There is a lurker (penis) there too, glowing red with sonic vibrations escalating…

Factoids and Oddities

Directions: Answer the nine Questions Below then Check the Answer Key.

  1. A cuckold is:

(a) a cheap person unable to pay his bills

(b) a philanthropist who designs software programs and vaccines

© a high-ranking member of the United States military

(d) a man whose wife is…

The 1% Percent Rule and Because Tomorrow You Might Be Dead

Tomorrow, There Might Not Be a You

People are dying. Tons of people as I’m typing. As tens of hundreds croak with every keystroke, I have to ask: What are we doing, the living?

If there’s something you want…

Bring the Nasty Back and Pack it In Harder


Open to page 69. Let’s analyze Ghost Wizard’s work. Ponder the themes and consider your approach.

“Jenny’s fingers feel better in my mouth. With paranoia, I place my cock on the board. “This will only take a second,” she says raising the razor-sharp butcher knife in the air. Like…

1. The Moon is Not Going to Stop

2. Mooning that Delicious Butt

3. The Mastery of an Imperfect Race

4. Smoking Dank from Outer Space

5. The Return to the Womb

6. A Leaf on your Tomb

7. Treat Depression with Depression

8. An Erotic Obsession

9. A Ticket…

don’t panic, just do your writing

Alexa: “Play Schubert”

Life is precious, and by my eye, disingenuous. Nature kills. Power reigns and rules over weakness. You have to carry on and continue living. You’ve got to keep writing.

A Few Hairs Short

Are you one of the many who suffers from anxiety due to baldness? Unsure of what to do, where to heal, or who to turn to? Here’s the truth about losing hair; avoid Lake Michigan in November. Wind is your foe.

Always bring a hat, and…

Ghost Wizard

Boom Boom — shake it like you mean it.

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